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Tru-Line Civil Health & Safety

Tru-Line Civil are committed to Health & Safety and providing on-going training in this key area for all staff.

Tru-Line staff hold Site Safe Civil Passports. They also all hold current First Aid Certificates. Three staff are trained for working in confined spaces and all staff have undertaken a fire safety course.
Health and Safety horizontal drilling

Tru-Line Civil is credited to the Tertiary level requirements for ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices. We have an active Health and Safety Policy and Health and Rehabilitation Policy that is regularly reviewed and worked through by our health and safety officer and all staff members. This covers training, routine audits and our documented standard operating procedures that Tru-Line staff understand and comply with.

To date we have had no major injuries and very little staff downtime due to minor injuries. We credit this to the active Health and Safety policy combined with the common sense of the team members—they understand the primary importance of safety in the drainage/civil industry.

All staff are issued with their own set of personal protective equipment (PPE) and are expected to wear the equipment as and when required.  The PPE set includes high visibility vests and helmets—it is a company rule that helmets are to be worn at all times when working in the proximity of machines.

Each major contract has its own Specific Health & Safety plan written to which all staff are inducted to at the start of the contract. The same applies with the Contract Quality plan and the Social and Environmental plan.



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