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Quality Assurance

Closely associated with Health and Safety, and Environmental Protection, Quality Assurance is a key aspect of Tru-Line Civil's embedded culture. Tru-Line Civil are Telarc certified as conforming to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems

Quality Assurance. Barbadoes Street Wastewater main lay. Quality Assurance (QA) is the way TruLine goes about preventing mistakes and avoiding problems when delivering solutions and services to our clients. QA is applied to the input of physical products to verify that what will be made by us meets specifications and requirements, and during execution by precise installation, testing and certifying using objective measures to ensure our finished work/work product meets specified quality standards and the design brief specifications. TruLine staff hold appropriate qualifications for the work being undertaken and the testing regimes required.

Quality Assurance refers to activities implemented in our Quality System so that all contract requirements are fulfilled. Measurement and comparison to specifications, monitoring the processes of our work method and an associated "no blame" feedback loop actively engages every staff member in error prevention.

Two principles included in Quality Assurance are: "Fit for purpose", the product of our contracted activities should meet the specified contract parameters; and "do it once, do it well" which ensures our service delivery is right first time and that errors are eliminated. QA includes management of the quality of raw material inputs, processes, of plant (including maintenance schedules, on-site maintenance, and safely responding to breakdowns), the various components of physical hardware required for a contract, and the qualifications and core competencies of our staff engaged on site. It extends to services related to TruLine Civil's management, our Standard Operating Procedures and the Testing Processes we employ.

QA is tailored to suit varying project needs 

Major projects either have a Tru-Line provided project specific Contract Quality Plan or conform to the QA Plan provided by the Contract’s Principal or their Consultant/Contract Manager.

Projects less significant in scope have a detailed Job Description drawn up for the works to be undertaken on that project. Due to the varying nature of work from project to project the Contract Quality Plan or Job Descriptions are always project specific. 

Ultimately the suitable quality of any/every project is determined by our clients/stakeholders.

Social and Environmental Issues

Social and Environmental careMany projects have associated complex or sensitive environmental aspects. TruLine works closely with regulatory bodies and clients, where necessary providing our own Resource Consents, Environmental and or Social Protection Plans.

When Civil Engineering work is undertaken the activities can have recognised, measurable Social and Environmental Effects—for example, noise, air quality, sediment and site runoff affecting water quality, or impacting on sensitive bodies of water. Although the goal of any given Civil project is to improve social and environmental outcomes, the degree of effect of the work in progress on specific social and environmental requirements and objectives needs to be identified, addressed and mitigated wherever practicable. 

Social and Environmental issues and effects are always important; planning for every project or job takes into account specific considerations such as efficient use of in-situ resources—the recovery and recycling of them—energy efficient plant, waste reduction to landfill and use of local materials; protection and enhancement of the environment, and consideration of the businesses and residents in the vicinity. 

Quality Assurance Audits and Checks

In line with our certification we undertake regular internal audits and checks, these are often combined with site health and safety, and environmental inspections.


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