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Project Detailsx

Client:Ashburton District Council
Year Completed:2022
Category:3-waters Infrastructure, Pavement Construction, Footpath and Vehicle crossings, Landscaping, and Street Furniture installation.

Project Overviewx

Tru-Line were engaged to assist in the upgrade of Ashburton’s town centre. The scope of this project was wide and ranged from items well within our wheelhouse and some slightly outside. The team got onboard, and the outcome was a huge success!
The project consisted of large quantities of three waters infrastructure including:

  • 1,430m of wastewater pipeline and 20 chambers.
  • 1,600m of stormwater pipeline and over 100 concrete chambers.
  • 2,900m of watermain pipeline and associated fittings.

The project required a substantial amount of Surfacing:

  • Construction of 18,700m of new road pavement
  • 11,600m2 of new footpath and vehicle crossings.

The CBD renewals included the following:

  • Installation of new lighting, street furniture, water fountains and rubbish bins.
  • Landscaping works including construction of rain gardens and conventional gardens, berm reinstatement, and tree removal.
  • Planting of 100 new trees in specifically designed tree pits.

Specialist Work Required: Traffic Management within the busy CBD was a challenge with 6 streets in the centre of Ashburton being affected.
At any one time there were up to six work crews and work areas occurring on-site. Tru-Line ensured that the school, retail shops, and businesses in proximity could be accessed safely by both vehicles and pedestrians. Certain works were programmed at night-time to take advantage of lower traffic volumes and less disruption to businesses. There were no serious incidents or LTI’s that occurred on this project.

Client Feedback: “Tru-Line Civil successfully delivered the Ashburton CBD Streetscape Renewal Project to Council’s key requirements and exceeded expectations with their ability to flex the timeline to ensure completion of the project on time despite unexpected events including two COVID -19 lockdowns/delays and a major district flood event. They worked exceptionally well with affected CBD business who were experiencing unprecedented adversity at that time.”