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Project Detailsx

Client:Ravenswood Group
Location:Woodend, Canterbury
Category:Earthworks, Drainage, and Pavement Construction
Year Completed:2024

Project Overviewx

Tru-Line were engaged to complete Stage 6 of the Ravenswood Development at Woodend. This included major earthworks with environmental controls, a new roading network, and a pipeline infrastructure to service 90 house lots.

Specialist Work Required: Vast quantities of import fill were required for suitable section construction. Environmental controls from major earthworks included re-directing stormwater run-off and channelling it though a purpose-built SMA (stormwater management area). An extensive filtration system was engineered and deployed on-site to achieve this. Insitu ground conditions proved challenging for drainage teams with high ground water requiring de-watering and piling. Many methods were combined to install the 5,058m of pipelines required. Some of the quantities:

  • Stormwater Pipeline: 920m with 27MHs
  • Wastewater Pipeline: 1,774m with 23MHs
  • Water Service Pipeline: 2,2360m plus connections
  • Road construction and surfacing: 10,000m2

The success of this project came from much planning, experience, teamwork, and a willingness to understand the conditions in pursuit of the target.