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Health & Safety


We are committed to providing and maintaining healthy and safe workplaces wherever we are. We value our employees, families and community.

Health and Safety, including injury and illness prevention, timely rehabilitation and engagement in work, is an essential feature of Tru-Line Civil. We will work collaboratively with the Authorities, our Clients, Suppliers, Sub Contractors and Fellow Employees to provide a safe and secure workplace that recognises excellence in health and safety performance. Tru-Line’s ISO 45001 – Health & Safety Management System certification is solid proof of our ever evolving and proficient H&S procedures and systems.



Meeting and exceeding Client expectations is extremely important to us.

Closely associated with Health and Safety, and Environmental Protection, Quality Assurance is a key aspect of Tru-Line Civil’s culture. Tru-Line Civil are Telarc certified as conforming to ISO 9001 – Quality Management System. Our ever evolving mission of Quality Assurance is about preventing mistakes and avoiding problems when delivering solutions and services to each and every one of our clients. QA is applied to the input of physical products to verify that what will be made by us meets specifications and requirements, and during execution by precise installation, testing and certifying to ensure our finished work meets specified quality standards and the design specifications.



Protecting our shared environment is of fundamental importance to us. Working together to protect and enhance our environment.

Environmental awareness is important on each and every project to ensure that we are not damaging our land or waterways. Tru-Line Civil are Certified for ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System. Civil Engineering work can have recognised environmental effects— for example; noise, air quality, sediment and site runoff affecting water quality, or impacting on sensitive bodies of water. Tru-Line Civil works closely with regulatory bodies and clients to ensure minimal damage to environment. Site Specific Environment Plans are provided when requested and information such as Resource Consents, Environmental and or Social Protection Plans are respected wherever needed to ensure that all environmental guidelines are followed and in turn providing a quality outcome for our stakeholders.

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