Plant & Equipment


Dump Trucks, Bulldozers, Excavators, Graders, Loaders, Rollers & Compactors, Tractors, Trucks, Cranes & Forklifts, Crushing and Screening Equipment, Testing Equipment.

Specialty Equipment


PE Pipe Welders, Survey and set-out equipment, GPS Machine Control, Service Locators, Rock Saw, Directional Drill, Easy Drill, Concrete Core Drilling, Excavator Mounted Plate Compactor/Pile Driver, Hydro-excavation.

Staff Qualifications


Tru-Line Civil’s personnel and operators have considerable experience in the industry across all types of terrain and weather conditions. A combination of experience and skill allows Tru-Line to successfully complete all contracts to a high standard, efficiently, and within reasonable timelines. Tru-Line Civil currently employ around 40 staff members, all of which hold appropriate qualifications for the work being undertaken and the testing regimes required.
Qualified Drainlayers, Civil Engineers, Level 3 Telecommunications, National Certificate in Infrastructure and Pipelaying, National Certificate in Drainlaying and Water Reticulation, National Certificate in Civil Plant Operations, CCC Approved Drainlayers, National Certificate in Project Management, PE/EF and Butt Welding Certification, STMS, Confined Space Certified, Height Training, Nuclear Density Meter operators, Skilled and Qualified Operators, Skilled Laborers.

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