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Project Detailsx

Client:Westland District Council
Location:Hokitika, West Coast
Category:Drainage & Pipelay
Year Completed:2022

Project Overviewx

To improve flood security in Hokitika, the Westland District Council initiated improvements to its stormwater infrastructure by increasing the capacity of the network in the Town Belt East area.

Specialist Work Required:Installation of two lines of 350m in length each requiring 1200mm concrete pressure pipeline with 6 x 2.3m over-sized concrete manholes at 25t per unit!

Depth of excavation of up to 5.5m pushing us into ground water made de-watering a daily battle throughout the final stages of contract.

The pipeline route crossed many obstacles including the live services to the Westland Dairy Factory in full operation, this included unknown services that we collaborated with the engineer to redesign and continue to install pipeline.

During the course of this project me faced many challenges however with solution-based work ethic these challenges we overcome without delaying production.