Ahaura Bridge

Project Detailsx

Client:HEB Structures
Location:Ahaura, West Coast
Category:Earthworks & Surfacing
Year Completed:2021

Project Overviewx

As the existing Ahaura bridge continued to deteriorate, NZTA proposed a replacement of the bridge and a re-alignment to be located west of the existing bridge. Tru-Line Civil was engaged to form the new bridge approaches and construct the new road surfaces. Tru-Line Civil was a key subcontractor on this project that involved construction of the replacement bridge over the Ahaura River and associated realignment of SH7 approximately 35km north-east of Greymouth. Tru-Line Civil were responsible for construction of the bridge approaches including archaeological works, dewatering, and environmental controls.

Specialist Work Required: Our scope of work comprised!

  • Supply and placement of over 130,000m3 of gravels and spec materials inclusive of the new 2020 M4/40 aggregate specification.
  • Prepare and place asphalt and chip seal surfacing to the new M10 NZTA specification and line marking.
  • Installation of new drainage and utility ducting.
  • Excavation and replacement of gabion retaining structures.
  • Replacement of rail crossing.
  • Preparation and installation of kerb and channel and installation of guard rail and street signs.
  • Traffic management for entire site.
  • Survey and setout.

During this contract there were substantial areas of Archaeological significance which required delicate excavation and oversight during excavation, Tru-Line Civil worked closely with WSP in completing the archaeological works.
Various known and unknown contamination areas on site we also part of the scope to be removed and or located and contained, this also included specialist equipment and engaging specialist personal to complete.