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Project Detailsx

Client:Townsend Fields Ltd and Waimakariri District Council
Location:South Belt, Rangiora
Category:Earthworks and
Road Construction
Year Completed:In Progress

Project Overviewx

Construction of the new Townsend Road Extension between Southbelt and Johns Road, including the construction of all below ground services, footpaths, streetlighting and landscaping. All underground services were completed in preparation of the future residential subdivision.

Specialist Work Required: Works also included excavation and formation of a series of wet ponds and basins and realignment of a spring-fed stream for the new Stormwater Management Area. GPS machinery was used to complete this new SMA to perfection.

Client Comments: “Daniel Powell and his team at Truline Civil Ltd have worked closely with Townsend Fields Ltd to create a substantial infrastructure project in Rangiora to the satisfaction of the client, consultant team and the local body. Truline Civil Ltd have been engaged for the second major stage of the development, testimony to the strength of the relationship between contractor and client”